American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

VOLUME 14(2003)


巻頭随想 (ESSAY)


研究報文(Original Papers)

(奥田 徹・福井正一・高柳 勉・横塚弘毅)
T. OKUDA, M. FUKUI, T. TAKAYANAGI, and K. YOKOTSUKA: Efects of Heat-Cold Treatment and Bentonite Fining of Wines Produced from Five Grape Cultivars on Contents of Proteins and Acidic and Neutral Polysacharides. J. ASEV Jpn., 14, 2-8 (2003)

(岡本五郎・林 孝憲・平野 健)
G. OKAMOTO, T. HAYASHI, and K. HIRANO: Effect of Cluster CPPU Treatment on Berry Growth and Fruit Quality of Muscat of Alexandria Grapes. J. ASEV Jpn., 14, 9-16 (2003)

(高柳 勉・奥田 徹・松土俊秀・横塚弘毅)
T. TAKAYANAGI, T. OKUDA, T. MATSUDO, and K. YOKOTSUKA: Comparison of Stilbene Synthase Gene Promoter Sequences in Grape Varieties Producing Different Amounts of Resveratrol. J. ASEV Jpn., 14, 17-22 (2003)

Best Paper Award 2002 (Review)

K. YOKOTSUKA: Enological Studies on Enzymatic Oxidation and Degradation of Anthocyanins and Oligomeric and Polymeric Pigments in Red Winemaking from Grapes Grown in Japan. J. ASEV Jpn., 14, 23-34 (2003)

Seminar 2002 Abstract

T. HANAOKA: Wine as an Integral Part of Tourism. J. ASEV Jpn., 14, 35-54 (2003)


研究報文(Original Papers)

(ウンサー マロム、小原 均、竹村謙志、堀 隆哉、大川克哉、松井弘之)
M. UNGSA, H. OHARA, K. TAKEMURA, T. HORI, K. OHKAWA, and H. MATSUI: Effects of Gibberellin A3 and Ammonium Sulfate on Growth and Quality of Seedless Delaware Berries. J. ASEV Jpn., 14, 58-63 (2003)

R. MOCHIOKA, M. HAMAJI, and Y. ONO: Difficulty-Difference in Plant Regeneration of Several Wild Grapes Native to East Asia by In vitro Shoot Tip Culture. J. ASEV Jpn., 14, 64-71 (2003)

(横塚弘毅、松土俊秀、奥田 徹、高柳 勉、矢嶋瑞夫)
K. YOKOTSUKA, T. MATSUDO, T. OKUDA, T. TAKAYANAGI, and M. YAJIMA: Termination of Bottle Fermentation of Sparkling Wine Using Paprika Seed Antimicrobial Substance. J. ASEV Jpn., 14, 72-76 (2003)

蒜山産ヤマブドウ果汁及びワインの全フェノール含量とラジカル消去活性 [Research Note]
(植木啓司、今井 孝、岡本五郎、平野 健)
K. UEKI, T. IMAI, G. OKAMOTO, and K. HIRANO: Total Polyphenol Level and Anti-oxidative Activity in Juice and Wine from Vitis Coignetiae Pulliant Grapes Grown in Hiruzen Highlands. J. ASEV Jpn., 14, 77-82 (2003)

GRAPEVINE (Articles)

(張 漢翼)
H. JANG: Production of Grapes in Korea.

M. YUKAWA: Additives for Wine making.

Japan Wine Competition 2003

国際ワインコンクール(Japan Wine Competition)開催の道程と開催報告


年次大会プログラム (Program of Domestic Congress)

2003.11 東京農業大学(東京都世田谷区桜丘)