American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

VOLUME 16(2005)


巻頭随想 (ESSAY)


研究報文(Original Papers)

ヤマブドウ樹と数品種の栽培ブドウ樹の耐病性比較 [Reserach Note]
K. UEKI and G. OKAMOTO: A Comparative Study of Disease Tolerance of Vitis coignetiae and Several Grape Cultivars. J. ASEV Jpn., 16, 3-8 (2005)

ブドウ果皮キチナーゼの品種間比較 [Reseach Note]
T. TAKAYANAGI, D. AIKAWA, T. OKUDA, M. HISAMOTO, and K. YOKOTSUKA: Comparison of Chitinases in Skins of Four Grape Cultivars. J. ASEV Jpn., 16, 9-13 (2005)

T. OKUDA, S. OYABU, M. HISAMOTO, T. TAKAYANAGI, and K. YOKOTSUKA: Formation of Quinone by Oxidation of Caffeoyltartaric acid in Organic Solvent. J. ASEV Jpn., 16, 14-21 (2005)

総説 (Review)

K. YOKOTSUKA: Chemical and Theoretical Aspects of Clarification of Wines by Protein Fining Agents. J. ASEV Jpn., 16, 22-32 (2005)

特別講演 (Invited Lecture)

Recent Advances in Viticulture Practices to Improve Winegrape Quality in Napa Valley, California, USA
M. MOCHIZUKI: Recent Advances in Viticulture Practices to Improve Winegrape Quality in Napa Valley, California, USA. J. ASEV Jpn., 16, 33-35 (2005)


研究報文(Original Papers)

F. YANAGIDA, T. KOBAYASHI and T. SHINOHARA: Antibacterial Activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Wine. J. ASEV Jpn., 16, 53-59 (2005)

H. IBA and S. ODA: Winery Management and Social Vitalization in Japan: From the Viewpoint of Business Diversification of a Small Winery in Rural Area. J. ASEV Jpn., 16, 60-67 (2005)

H OHARA, D. SAKAMOTO, K. OHKAWA, M. NAKAYAMA, H. MATSUI: Effects of Applications of Exogenous Gibberellins, Forchlorfenuron, Streptomycin and Endogenous Gibberellin-like Substances on Induction of Seedless Berries in Koshu Grapes. J. ASEV Jpn., 16, 68-79 (2005)

総説 (Review)

G. OKAMOTO: Effect of Water Deficit Stress on Vine Physiology and Berry Ripening in Grapes. J. ASEV Jpn., 16, 80-84 (2005)

Japan Wine Competition 2005

Japan Wine Competition 2005(第3回国産ワインコンクール)開催報告


年次大会プログラム (Program of Domestic Congress)

2007.11.25(土) 近畿大学農学部奈良キャンパス「新教室棟」(奈良県奈良市)